Mission of the Office of the Child Advocate

The mission of the Office of the Child Advocate is to provide independent and impartial oversight of the New Hampshire child welfare and juvenile justice systems to promote effective reforms that meet the best interests of children.

To achieve this we:

  • Listen to all concerns about DCYF
  • Respond to complaints with a credible review process
  • Respect the importance of every person in a child's life
  • Build collaborative relationships for reform
  • Promote practices that are proven to be effective to help children and families
  • Maintain independence and impartiality of all aspects of our oversight of DCYF

How does the Child Advocate help?

The Office of the Child Advocate investigates complaints about DCYF for:

  • Children under protective supervision
  • Children in foster care or institutional settings
  • Children involved with juvenile justice
  • Children in need of services

We turn complaints into building blocks for better child welfare and juvenile justice systems by:

  • Educating policymakers and the public on what children need and best practices
  • Promoting responsive public policy for child welfare
  • Ensure that DCYF has the resources to effectively do the best for New Hampshire's children