SB 592 Relative to the Child Welfare System

SB 592 continues New Hampshire's commitment to reform of the Child Welfare system. It includes funding to re-build the workforce and would re-establish voluntary prevention programs to stop child abuse and neglect before it happens.


SB 479

(New Title) relative to the oversight commission on children's services and relative to the commission to review child abuse fatalities.

SB 479 clarifies the role of the Oversight Commission on Children’s Services and its relationship with the Office of the Child Advocate. It makes the Commission to Review Child Abuse Fatalities permanent. It also makes the Office of the Child Advocate more accessible by allowing anyone to bring complaints about DCYF to the Child Advocate. It protects the privacy of persons and records whom the Child Advocate serves, and it allows the Child Advocate to disclose some information publicly when it is in a child’s or the public’s interest to make our system a better system.



The Federal Family First Prevention Services Act was signed into law as part of the Bipartisan Budget Act on February 9, 2018. It transforms child welfare from a reactive to a preventive process. Federal funding streams will target at risk families with prevention services to minimize the need for foster care. It will also incentivize better placement of children than institutional settings. We are watching for changes at the state level.